The main research

           2/98NM 100% camel hair yarn, 2/52NM 100% yak yarn, Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation International patent ET10 functional fiber blended yarn, Asahi Kasei Group International patents copper ammonia cotton, pure spinning lines.

The main products

Shandong to LeRoi Eco-Textile Technology Co., Ltd. production, processing special metal fiber, high-alpine animal fiber yarn features, blended yarn, cloth, logo clothing, apparel, dyeing materials, protective equipment, specialty textiles..

Radiation yarn

Special radiation fibers and animal and plant fibers and other fibers blended together to make fabrics, good stability, not afraid rub. Phone can shield electromagnetic radiation, but not shielded signal, answer the phone is not affected.
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Technical personnel

According to the personality and functionality of various fibers biological treatment, using the most colorful, the most environmentally friendly, best color fastness dyes toning, color, solid color, to ensure that the test material to reach its best color and texture .
Special metal fiber blended yarn during weaving equipment Equipment personnel carefully debugging and transformation, so that special metal fiber spinning process well wrapped in yarn to achieve the perfect effect does not leak.

Company Profile

     Shandong to LeRoi Eco-Textile Technology Co., Ltd., located at 120 Luojhuang Baoquan Road area, was established in July 2003, the registered capital of 18.8 million yuan, covers an area of ​​88 mu, building area of ​​38,500 square meters, is an owned import and export rights set Branch, workers, trade as one integrated enterprise, ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification of enterprises, China International Chamber of Commerce member companies, has two state-level scientific and technological achievements.....


The effectiveness of special radiation Clothing

Durability of anti-electromagnetic radiation; does not absorb electromagnetic waves; good ventilation; durability static; antioxidant; washable; shielded cell phone radiation, shielding mobile phone signals.


Results of appraisal

    May 12, 2012 to Lee to Woolen Co., Ltd. Shandong "special metal fiber blended yarn and products" project high count yak, camel, cashmere blended yarn and mink items in the provincial science and technology achievement appraisal.


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Part of the yarn color sample

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